Not Your Regular Panel Show


The Edinburgh Festival is happening. Check out who from the Panelbeater’s family is up there by clicking here

Welcome to Panelbeaters. A twisted take on the panel show format for the warped minds of Gary Delaney and Caimh McDonnell. What’s different? Well for a start, there are no winners – only survivors. In each show four of the international comedy circuit’s top comics battle it out with the sole aim of not being the one who dies in the end. The only way to avoid our resident Reaper’s icy touch is jokes – lots and lots of jokes. They better be good as each show DEATH – as in, y’know DEATH, big scythe, penchant for dark clothing – yeah, that guy – he will be acting as judge, jury and executioner.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the live show, highlights of each performance will be turned into a podcast and fired at you free via the magic of the interweb – which you can find on the Podcast page above. Sign up to our mailing list now to find out about future dates, podcasts and to receive bonus content that we will not be making available anywhere else(quite probably for very good legal reasons).


Upcoming Shows


And we still are – watch these space for further developments and announcements about Season 3!

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