Edinburgh Festival Update

Loads of the brilliant comics who you’ve heard on the show are up in Edinburgh for the festival. Gary Delaney is doing a run from the 16th-26th at the Pleasance, because he is just too lazy to do the whole thing. Rob Mulholland, aka Death, is doing a full run of his show at the caves as he has nothing better to be doing with his life. Shout out to producer Rich too- aka Richard Massara whose show is on at 8:15PM every night at Bar Bados on Cowgate.

You can find all the details on the edfringe.com website or app by just putting in somebody’s name – but here’s what to look for!

Sam Gore I see You – Live! The internet phenom has come to life. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wee a bit.
Simon Lomas Rocking the Big Value show at 7:20 in the Community Project
Will Duggan The Mash House – cracking solo show as well as being the true star of Funz and Gamez.
James Cook Doing two shows about Boardgames. No really. Seriously – great shows. Also he is a former UK champion of the game Carcassonne. His lowest Edinburgh moment ever is being beaten at it by Caimh on his third ever go.
Chris Washington The Mash house – on 20 minutes after Will Duggan’s show starts. (Note: don’t leave Will’s after 20 minutes) See both – who goes up for just one day?
Phil Pagette Cabaret Volitaire at 1AM – that’s the one in the morning. I’d imagine he’d appreciate seeing┬ásomeone who isn’t drunk, homeless or looking for somewhere to do some quiet fingering.
Steff Todd Doing the lunchtime special at the Tron at 12:30 every day. Probably less fingering at that one.
Eddy Brimson 17:30 at Banshee’s Labyrinth – the best show ever in Banshee’s Labyrinth!
Peter Brush 12:50 at Banshee’s Labyrinth – oh God, I should read ahead before writing these show descriptions. Peter’s show is brilliant, his narcoleptic cousin’s guide dog bloody loves it.
Rachel Fairburn 16:05 at the Community Project – One half of comedy’s killer Queens! Cracking show.
Kiri McLean 8:15 in the Pleasance Attic – the other half of comedy’s Killer Queens, getting storming reviews. (Her and Rachel do the brilliant All Killa, No Filla podcast about serial killers – they’ve not killed anyone, as far as we know.)
Adam Rowe 7PM The Mash House – he has prepared for this show, he promises. He is absolutely smashing it. (So he says, I’ve no reason to doubt him.)
Sally-Anne Hayward The Counting House at 5:45. The Bristol bomber, rocking it with her delightful wrongness and acidic asides.
Danny McLaughlin 9pm in the Tron – the Cat in the Hat laying down some bombs of truth.

Note: Geoff Norcott, Gav Webster and Justin Moorhouse are up there too! (they didn’t send me details of their shows and tables are hard on websites.)

Caimh is not in Edinburgh, due to being a bestselling author who is now far too dignified for this kind of rat race. You can check out his books here